Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction–February 20–21–22, 2014

Character design and customization: avatars as a second self

Psychology has become a powerful tool in video game development. However, only game designers take into account psychology. And for that matter, only in game mechanics implementation. But psychology offers a myriad of resources. Tools, mechanisms and theories help in the design of narratives and characters. The relationship between players and avatars has become one of the most important matters for character designers. Topics like representations of an ideal self, forms of identity exploration, or expressions of our personality, has become a relevant phenomenon in character design that deserves to be explored.

Hector Fuster Degree in psychology from the University Ramon Llull and after taking the Masters in Health Psychology and Psychotherapy at the same university, he has turned his practice into two distinct areas: the clinical and academic. On the one hand he combined private practice to children and adults, with practice in public life, on the other hand, research in academia conducting research in the field of Information Technology and Communication (social networks, mobile, video etc..), performing on his doctoral thesis.

ENTI – The New Interactive Technologies School (Escuela de Nuevas Tecnologías Interactivas) – has been crafted with the aim of forming a new generation of professionals ready to respond to the challenges of present and future new technologies and demands.

Our main goal is to prepare our students for the creation and production of high quality digital interaction content such as applied games and video games, by developing the skills needed within the artist and developer profiles.

Therefore, we present the first official undergraduate degree in Interactive Digital Content (Games, Videogames and their applied use) of Barcelona. It is also the first among Catalan universities

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