Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction–February 20–21–22, 2014

The artistic direction in Stop Motion techniques.

Frank J. María | Animaldía

The execution of the artistic direction of an audiovisual production in Stop Motion is strongly influenced by the choice of multiple sub-techniques that are part of this discipline (clay, cut-out, pixilation, sand … etc).
In this talk the process of realization of the final look of some cases performed by Animaldia (TV3 covers for programs like “Anima” or “No me la puc trure del cap” or promos like “Aquí es Nadal y estic content” will be presented … etc).
Animaldía specializes in stop-motion animation techniques Barcelona-based producer.

Frank J. María, Animaldia Director, Coordinator Dept. of Audiovisual Design and Director of the Master in Making Stop Motion Animation in Bau Centro Universitario de Barcelona.

Bachelor of Fine Arts specializing picture from the UB, his career is linked to the techniques of stop motion animation (cut out, pixilation, sand, clay …). He is director of the Animaldia producer, specializing in Stop Motion with clients such as the MACBA, ACB, SGAE or TV3 doing animation masks programs as “Anima” (Laus Silver 2010) or “Not the puc treure the cap” .
Currently combines production with teaching and coordinator of the department and director of the Media Design Master of Performing Animation Stop Motion (first in Europe with a university degree) in Bau Center Design College.

He is curator of Animotion Days, workshops, entertainment and audiovisual design made ​​in Bau during most of July.

The artistic direction in Stop Motion techniques  by Frank J. María. Some of his Best Works Are Featured Below.

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