Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction–February 20–21–22, 2014

Antxon Gómez born in 1952 and brought up in Spain’s Basque country,
Antxón Gómez won a Goya (the Spanish “Oscar”) for his production design of Steven Soderbergh’s two-part epic Che(2008).

His distinctive design work for Spain’s top director Pedro Almodóvar has also attracted international audiences, however, and the pair have worked together consistently since 1997’s Live Flesh (Carne trémula). Their partnership has also included All About My Mother (Todo sobre mi madre,1999), Talk to Her (Hable con ella, 2002), Bad education (La mala educación, 2004), Broken Embraces (Los abrazos rotos, 2009), The Skin I Live In (La piel que habito, 2011) and 2013’s I’m so Excited! (Los amantes pasajeros).

A chemist by training and a collector by nature, he came late to the world of cinema, starting out as art director on Bigas Luna’s 1993 title Huevos de oro (Golden Balls). His other credits include the multi award-winning Salvador (2006) by Manuel Huerga, Susan Seidelman’s Gaudi Afternoon (2001) and 2011’s The Monk, for Dominik Moll.

“This is the world of the production designer. The main job for me as a designer is to help the director put his ideas in order, to realize his dreams.”
“I was never good at drawing, for example. But that can also be an advantage, because I’m not so constrained and the way I work is intuitive.”
“My problem, and it’s a big problem, is that I’m a lover of objects. I’m a collector. It’s a huge passion for me and I’ve always been this way. I have a whole house full of things everything from chairs to tables, lights, vases, carpets, even an entire collection of wallpaper, which I’ve bought over the years.”
“The light finishes off the design; it’s a part of the design, the final part. So for me the cinematographer has the destiny of my designs in his hands, the light sculpts it. And that’s not really in my control so we have to work together.”
Master class/Forum: 20 (2:00 pm) & Roundtable 20 (6:00 pm) & Creative classroom 22 (5:00 pm)

Antxon Gómez, much more than an art director | by Rosa Garriga

  • Exposed privacy
  • Authenticity

Any of these titles can be used for defining this vasc-catalan man; the naturalness, sincerity and rotundity are other of his values. This way he is one of the most important protagonists of Workroom Barcelona.
Data: 61 years old. Chemical training. Advertiser. Collector. Art director. 20 films, including 7 with Pedro Almodóvar

Workroom Barcelona is a perfect activity to return my knowledge and experience to the society, to my profession and to the jouth

I’ve no film training
I studied Chemistry in the University of Valladolid. In 1974 I arrived to Barcelona due to an open file. I was communist militant, basically against Franco. In reality, in Valladolid we tried new groups to be formed, which were contrarily to the regime of tendencies different to us in order to have partners. In the 70s we were only few and, as you can imagine, illegals. I was caught with four copies of “Mundo Obrero”, with only three you were already accused of having illegal propaganda and you went to prison. In 73, the Public Order Court tried me, Cristina Almeida defended me and I was absolved, but they band me to enter in any academic campus! This was the reason why I left Valladolid, I passed through my homeland, San Sebastian, and I went to Barcelona. This city was a reference of freedom.

Collecting led me to advertising
Advertising was my school of learning
I define myself as a mercenary, I am always at the costumer’s service
The ideas, rather than run out, are repeated
I care so that with a smaller investment, the benefits to be greater
Being a keen observer of reality is sometimes bored
We live in the society of the concentration of benefit
The role of cinema in our society is contradictory

Master Classes & Roundtable  by Antxon Gómez. Some of his Best Works Are Featured Below.

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