Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction–February 20–21–22, 2014

A “live production” session will be organized as a part of the Workroom Barcelona Art Direction Congress. Experts and great ideas man will share their methods to create professional and attractive content.

In this activity we’ll see Leonard Blum’s people working under Antxon Gómez direction.
And we’ll presence how the newest techniques and methods get implemented, expanding the limits of visual elements (by incorporating a virtual object inside the room where the class is teached)

Leonard Blum is an Advertising Photography studio specialized on advanced retouching techniques, film and VFX.
We run CGI, Creative Retouching and Photography Courses.
Our facilities are based in Barcelona and offering 500m2 ready to rent space for VFX, Photography, and Film industry.
In training, we offer an annual Master Degree on “Photography and CGI” and several weekly and weekend based workshops for beginners, medium level and advanced users on Photography, Film and CGI.

About us

Enric Climent
Professional photographer since 1960 he works as studio photographer for sub acuatic and advertising photography. On studio photography he trained well known professional such as Jaume de la Iguana or Joan Garrigosa. Currently working as freelancer on Stylism and Advertising Photography for marketing and people mainly, and also training new generations of professional photographers.

Salvador Bolarín
Professional photographer since 1990 He worked as war journalist on Yugoslavia and develop his carrer as photographer on advertising between Morocco, Spain and France. He worked in New York for 5 years on publishing industry and once back to Spain decides to teach photography, compositing and CGI for photographers on “Master 3D para Diseño Gráfico y Fotografía” and “Postproducción Publicitaria” at FX Animation. Currently works as freelance photographer and teaches Photography and CGI for photographers.

Iñaki González
Professional CGI artist and specialist on photo real rendering techniques he studied “Diseño Virtual” at IED (Istituto Europe di Design, Madrid) and develope his carrer in England working for architectural visualization companies, and also doing animation for commercials and advertising. Once returned to Spain in 2010 decides to start teaching VFX and CGI for Photography and communicate all his knowledge received among the years. Currently works as freelance CGI generalist and teaches CGI for photographers and VFX artist.

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