Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction–February 20–21–22, 2014

Master Class-CineFòrum by Antxon Gómez

The CineFòrum invites participants to explore the top artist’s work. Through an entertaining analysis of film projections, participants will get an inside view of the whole process of creation and development that leads to quality and success. The cineFòrum is an open discussion. where questions are welcome and will be answered.

Antxon Gómez’s master class will have the format of a “cineFòrum”, where participants are encouraged to explore the artist’s job through an analysis of some scenes that he has selected and that will be projected in the room. The audience will have the subjective view of Antxon on the creative process and conceptual development that have led to build this scene in a certain way. He will also talk about his latest work “Los amantes pasajeros” (2013). Antxon, offers us a very attractive session and expects active involvement of congress attendees in order to encourage discussion and exchange of views.

Antxon Gomez interview. Quite interestingly

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