Intense weekend seminar with Víctor Genestar

Víctor Genestar (actor)

Educated on interpretation and musical acting by “Coco Comín” and the “acting school of Barcelona”. He has done various acting specialization courses with Pepa Plana, Ferran Audí, Pep Armengol and Esteve Rovira, among others. He studied singing at the professional conservatory of Badalona as well.
On drama, he interpreted George Mathews, member of the international brigades, in the musical “Goodbye Barcelona” (Fran Arráez / Dani Campos) he’s also part of the show “Operetta” (Jordi Purtí / David Costa) “Butaca” award 2011. Performing it all around Catalonia and a big part of Europe, working in countries like France, Germany, and Switzerland. His participation in the works “¿Pero esto que és? Don Juan al desnudo” (Ivan Campillo) and “Rambleros, rebels amb causa: Les nits de la cúpula” (Oriol Tramvia) stands out. As well as his contributions on cinema, with “No y si…” (Joan M. Zapata Boldú), finalist in the “NoTodoFilmFest” 2012 festival. As a teacher, he has given several interpretation courses, ranging from primary school kids to boys and girls from high school. He has also taught drama to adults at the civic centre of Carmel (Barcelona) and has given dancing classes in different centres.
Coordination: Neus Gordillo (animator)
Organization: Workroom Barcelona SL


Acting workshop 27 & 28 September 2014
Place: spai d'assaig i creació LA SALAMANDRA
Address: Burgos 55, BARCELONA
RATE 150 €
Limited to 17 participants

Formation for animation specialists

* The vacancies will be filled following inscription order.

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