Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction 2014 Congress
Has Successfully Ended

2015 Art Direction Congress on
15, 16 and 17 October

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Workroom Barcelona Art Direction Congress 2014 – Summary 

Speakers Opinions

Attendees opinions

Master Class by Daniel Perez: Whats should an art direction be?

Master Class by Antxon Gómez: Cinema is a liar art

Master Class by Carles Grangel: find the images of the film

Master Class by Marcelo Vignali: drawing ideas

Workroom Barcelona at tv show Artic – Barcelona televició (BTV)

Ártic – BTV

Vespre a la 2 – Antxon Gómes Interview – TV2

Vespre a La 2, Olga Viza entrevista Antxón Gómez – TV2

Els Matins – Carles Grangel Interview – TV3

Els matins – TV3

BTV – News

BTV – News

Workroom Barcelona at 8 al día – 8TV

8 al día – 8TV

No solo cine

No solo cine

Generació Digital – Catalunya Radio

Generació Digital

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