Workroom Barcelona Films & Games Art Direction Has Successfully Ended

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Workroom Barcelona Art Direction Congress 2014 – Summary 

Speakers Opinions

Attendees opinions

Master Class by Daniel Perez: Whats should an art direction be?

Master Class by Antxon Gómez: Cinema is a liar art

Master Class by Carles Grangel: find the images of the film

Master Class by Marcelo Vignali: drawing ideas

Workroom Barcelona at tv show Artic – Barcelona televició (BTV)

Ártic – BTV

Vespre a la 2 – Antxon Gómes Interview – TV2

Vespre a La 2, Olga Viza entrevista Antxón Gómez – TV2

Els Matins – Carles Grangel Interview – TV3

Els matins – TV3

BTV – News

BTV – News

Workroom Barcelona at 8 al día – 8TV

8 al día – 8TV

No solo cine

No solo cine

Generació Digital – Catalunya Radio

Generació Digital


<strong>Marcelo Vignali</strong>
Marcelo VignaliArt director at Sony Picture Animation
<strong>Carles Gragel</strong>
Carles GragelCharacter Designer and creator of styles
<strong>Antxon Gómez</strong>
Antxon GómezArt director
<strong>Daniel Pérez</strong>
Daniel PérezArt director at Digital Legends
<strong>Antonio Lirio</strong>
Antonio Lirioexpert in Adobe software for video editing and animation
<strong>Salvador Bolarín</strong>
Salvador BolarínPhotographer at Leonard Blum
<strong>Enric Climent</strong>
Enric ClimentPhotographer at Leonard Blum
<strong>Iñaki González</strong>
Iñaki GonzálezCGI artist specialist on photo real rendering at Leonard Blum
<strong>Frank J. María</strong>
Frank J. María
Animaldia Director, Coordinator Dept. of Audiovisual Design and Director of the Master in Making Stop Motion Animation in Bau Centro Universitario de Barcelona
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<strong>Hector Fuster</strong>
Hector FusterIntroduction to Psychology teacher at Enti
Master in Health Psychology and Psychotherapy (URL), Master in Design and Creation and Multimedia Engineering (URL), University Degree in Psychology (URL)
<strong>Toni García</strong>
Toni GarcíaDirector Screen21
<strong>José Luís Ucha</strong>
José Luís UchaDirector INVIZIMALS TV series
<strong>Glòria Garuz</strong>
Glòria GaruzProject Manager INVIZIMALS
<strong>David Alcarria</strong>
David AlcarriaArt Director INVIZIMALS

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